Why don't you just call it reading camp?

Because reading camp comes across a lot like broccoli camp! At CFB, our primary focus is reading because we believe that a solid foundation in reading gives kids a leg up in anything they want to accomplish, enjoy, or become throughout their lives. However, we approach reading in a way that feels a lot like creative play. By weaving literacy into STEAM based activities, campers grow as readers through authentic engagement with text. (And we continue to dream of a world where reading camp comes across like Disney World!)


My child isn't reading yet. What will she do at Camp Fun Brain?

Emergent readers have their own style of engaging with books and stories, and it's an integral part of the literacy process. At CFB, emergent readers delight in dramatic retelling of stories, games to strengthen phonemic awareness, and plenty of open ended play.

My child doesn't like to read. Will he be okay at Camp Fun Brain?

Yes! While not every child will become a bookworm, they can all find books and characters they relate to and enjoy. Enthusiasm for reading is not a prerequisite, but we sure hope to nudge the enthusiasm meter while your camper is with us!

If my child goes for more than one week will she be doing the same activities over again?

No. Each week is different at CFB, but we maintain a consistent daily flow of events so campers have a predictable routine. We have campers who come for one week, a few weeks spread out across the summer, or many weeks back to back. 

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, the second (and beyond) sibling gets 5% off their camp fee.


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