9am: arrival, getting settled, greetings

9:15 Reading for connections.The morning starts with a read aloud and group discussion that sets the theme for the day.

10:00 Reading for practice. Literacy stations & small groups. For emergent readers: phonics games, sight word puzzles, dramatic play with predictable texts, etc... For fluent readers: readers theater, creative writing prompts, vocabulary challenges, etc...

10:30 snack & play break (all locations have shady playgrounds!)

11:00 Reading for pleasure. DEAR time! Drop everything and read! Campers can choose from a curated selection of fabulous story books of all levels and genres. 

11:30 lunch

12:00 play break

12:30 Reading for problem solving. A new challenge or project every day! Build a float using only straws and rubber bands to see how many pennies it can hold; use recyclables to invent a brand new mode of transportation; design a gondola that can transport Rapunzel safely from the tower to land. The session ends with sharing challenges and successes.

2:30 Book talk & literacy game choice time.

3:00 Dismissal